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Property Management 

Veer Properties offers owners the opportunity to own rental property without the headaches that have long been associated with being a “landlord”. We handle every aspect of property management, from dealing with tenant issues and maintenance, to providing owners with market analyses and financial statements, and everything in-between.

Fully licensed in the State of Wisconsin, we use state-of-the-art professional software to manage our tenants and properties. Our streamlined system allows us to lease units faster, with better tenants, at higher rents, and lower turnover!



Our services include:

  • Tenant Relations and Correspondence

  • Showings, Tenant Screening, Rental Agreements

  • Monthly Rental Income Collection, Late Fee Assessments

  • Tenant Check-Outs

  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

  • Evictions and Collections

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response

  • Recurring and Preventive Maintenance

  • Capital Improvements

  • Hiring of Subcontractors, Payment of Work Orders

  • Monthly Income and Expense Reports


  • Issuance of 1099 and Yearly Reports

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